An ‘Aquaman’ Spinoff Called ‘The Trench’ Is Apparently In The Works

Aquaman has been one of DC’s most successful superhero flicks, a visually stunning film staring a likeable Jason Momoa as the titular sea hero. But while a direct sequel seems inevitable, the DC Universe will meander a bit before getting back to Momoa in another starring role.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Friday that the most frightening segment of the Aquaman underworld universe will be explored more throughly in a spinoff film called The Trench. THR reported that the movie will follow the creatures found in the Mariana Trench in the later portions of the 2018 flick.

Wan and Peter Safran will produce the project, titled The Trench, which would be much more modestly budgeted than the normal DC superhero tentpole.

The Trench creatures are rather recent arrivals to the Aquaman lore, having been introduced in the comics only in 2011 when DC did a revamp of its entire publishing line. They are revealed to be part of the kingdom of Atlantis but when it sunk, inhabitants who were cut off from other survivors and evolved into ravenous monsters.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the movie would not include the cast of the the original Aquaman film, which probably explains why they call it a modestly budgeted film. Few details are known outside of the main setting of the film and that Momoa will be missing from the billing, which means there’s a lot of work left to do on this before it hits the silver screen at a date to be determined later.