Watch: ‘Arrested Development’s’ Terry Crews on movie hopes & the genius of Mitch Hurwitz

Never fear, “Arrested Development” fans – things will be just as filthy as you remembered them in the upcoming season.

“It’s all dirty!” laughed Season 4 recurring player Terry Crews, who stopped to chat with me at the show’s red-carpet premiere on Monday. “Let me tell you something, everybody in this whole thing is dysfunctional, somewhat evil, and it’s all levels of dysfunction now, you know what I mean? So I’m a bad guy, but we’re all bad! And it’s a wonderful way to be.”

While Crews couldn’t reveal much about his character other than to say he plays a politician named Herbert Love, the “Expendables” star did hold forth on why he thinks the show’s twisted sense of humor works so well.

“[Creator] Mitchell Hurwitz really gets to the core of people,” he told me. “And behavior. That’s why it’s so funny, because you recognize something in every person there. And that’s what makes comedy. If it was all cartoons, we wouldn’t laugh. But what’s so funny is that it’s so close to the truth. And it’s right there! You’re like, ‘I know that! I’ve seen that guy!’ And every character has done things that you go, ‘oh, I know a person like that.’ And it might be you! That’s what’s so scary.”

Speaking of Hurwitz, Crews said the comedic virtuoso’s penchant for coming up with ideas at the last minute sometimes resulted in him receiving unexpected calls at ungodly hours.

“I would literally get calls at night, like, middle of the night,” he said. “‘Show up in the morning! You’re in this scene! We’re gonna add you to this part!’ And I was like, ‘I’m in. I’m in.’ I was 100% in, and once you’re in like that, they just welcomed me like a family member. So I’m really hoping we get this movie made, cause I would love to be a part of it.”

So do we, Terry. So do we.

To check out the entirety of my interview with Crews, click on the video above.

“Arrested Development” Season 4 premieres on Netflix May 26.