Artist Alley: The best comic covers I saw this week – Batgirl, Hangman, and more

Every week, so much amazing art is released into the comic book world. Each Thursday, I highlight a handful of my favorites. Come for the subjective taste in art, stay for the inevitable debate on the merits of my taste!

Today we have covers by Lee Bermejo, Stephanie Hans, John Mueller, Valentine De Landro, Rafael Albuquerque, and Felix Ruiz.

#1: SUICIDERS #3 – Vertigo Comics
What”s not a love about a spunky mohawked child with a Nerf gun and a sword? Or a real-life Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robot?

Written by Lee Bermejo. Cover by Lee Bermejo. On sale April 22.

Winged humans should be done to death, but I adore the colors and the detail on this cover.

Written by Marguerite Bennett. Cover by Stephanie Hans. On sale April 8.

#3: OINK: HEAVEN”S BUTCHER – Dark Horse Comics
This has a very “Animal Farm” feel to it. If George Orwell has written gritty vigilante pigs.

Written By John Mueller. Cover by John Mueller. On sale March 18.

#4: BITCH PLANET #5 – Image Comics
Look, I”m never going to not love a smart take on exploitation genre, but if you add a galaxy-vibe and it wins my heart forever.

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. Cover by Valentine De Landro. On sale April 29.

#5: BATGIRL: ENDGAME #1 – DC Comics
Batgirl rubbing blood off her mouth with determination in her eyes is my new motivational poster.

Written by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart. Cover by Rafael Albuquerque. On sale March 18.

#6: THE HANGMAN #1 – Dark Circle Comics
Dark Circle keeps true to their name with this mysterious look at their second ongoing.

Written by Frank Tieri. Cover by Felix Ruiz. On sale May 2.