Artist Alley: The best comic covers I saw this week – The Sandman, Ms. Marvel, and more

Every week, reams and reams of beautiful comic book cover art is released into the world. Each Thursday, I highlight a handful of my favorites. Come for the subjective taste in art, stay for the inevitable debate on the merits of my taste!

Today we have covers by Damien Worm, Joshua Middleton, Tula Lotay, Terry Dodson, Kris Anka, Amy Reeder, and J.H. William, III.

#1: THE OCTOBER FACTION #8 – IDW Publishing
Between the lurking demon, the crochet mallet and the dapper suit juxtaposed against wooden stakes, this is pushing down all the right “urban supernatural fantasy” buttons.

Written by Steve Niles. Cover by Damien Worm. On sale this June.

Two words: Vampire Joker. I don”t know how Diana ended up in his clutches but I definitely want to find out.

Written by Larry Hama. Cover by Joshua Middleton. On sale May 20..

#3: CURB STOMP #1 – Boom! Studios
A candy-colored 70s vibe isn”t the first thing you think of when you think of curb-stomping someone. But maybe it should be.

Written by Ryan Ferrier. Cover by Tula Lotay. On sale now.

#4: HOW TO PASS AS HUMAN – Dark Horse Comics
A.I. falling in love and trying to figure out how to be human is a tale as old as Asimov, but it never gets old.

Written by Nic Kelman. Cover by Terry Dodson. On sale this October.

#5: MS. MARVEL #16 – Marvel Comics
The world is literally crumbling around Kamala Khan as Marvel detonates it”s main continuity. What is the Mist and why should we fear it?

Written by G. Willow Wilson. Cover by Kris Anka. On sale this June.

#6: ROCKET GIRL #6 – Image Comics
Art Nouveau stylings mixed with futuristic digital grid? Sold.

Written by Brandon Montclare. Cover by Amy Reeder. On sale May 6.

#7: THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #4 – Vertigo Comics
The sheer amount of detail the goes into these “Sandman” watercolor covers never ceases to amaze.

Written by Neil Gaiman. Cover by J.H. Williams, III. On sale now.