As If: 20 Underrated Moments of ‘Clueless’ Brilliance

Could you use an herbal refreshment? Here's one: “Clueless” turns 20 this year. It officially exits its teens this summer, but I'm coping with the generation-old wisdom of Cher, Dionne, Amber, Tai, and Josh right now. 

It's at once easy and hard to believe “Clueless” is 20. The 1995 Amy Heckerling classic is clearly a product of its era (that exact moment in the mid '90s when you could go to a party and hear alternative rock, Eurotash house, and ska), but the dialogue is so hilariously fresh and observational. It feels like a friend we still know and mock with the nickname “Ambular.” 

Without further ado, let's celebrate 20 years of “Clueless” (which you can stream on Netflix right now) with 20 moments of its underrated brilliance.