Ashley Judd on the ‘absolute’ presence of Hollywood misogyny

It was easy for Ashley Judd to have a blast filming the light-hearted, yet very emotional “Dolphin Tale 2” since she got to work with Harry Connick Jr. (one of her favorite old costars) and loved interacting with the movie's kid stars Nathan Gamble and Cozi Zuehlsdorff. But not every set is as placid and cool as “Dolphin Tale 2” was.

We chatted with Judd about embracing parental roles in movies, her favorite scenes to shoot, and the Hollywood patriarchy and misogyny she bemoaned so articulately in her unforgettable Daily Beast article. Yet again, she's dead on — even when talking about the kinds of misogyny experienced in professional settings. 

“Dolphin Tale 2” opens wide today.