A ‘Spider-Man’ Star Claims He Knew What Was Going To Happen In ‘Endgame’ Before The Avengers Did


The ending of Avengers: Endgame, particularly a certain death, was one of the most closely guarded secrets in Hollywood, but a Spider-Man: Far From Home star claims he totally knew what was going to happen in the Infinity War sequel the entire time. He also has a smoking-hot girlfriend who… uh, lives in Canada… and she doesn’t own a phone, and that’s why you can’t talk to her.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tony Revolori, who plays Flash Thompson in Homecoming and Far From Home (he also starred in The Long Dumb Road with Jason “Tick-Tock Man” Mantzoukas), revealed that a Spider-Man producer spoiled Endgame secrets for some of the cast, himself included.

“We were all sat down in a room, at least I was, and Eric Carroll came in and told most of the cast what happens in Endgame, so I had known things that happened in Endgame before some of the Endgame actors themselves,” he said. “We shot that a year before it [Endgame] came out, so we had to figure all that out and they had to tell us all about it, which was great but also a little bit sad that I didn’t get to experience that in the theater like everyone else.”

Being an actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be difficult. Sure, you got paid lots of money to travel to exotic locations and listen to Jake Gyllenhaal endlessly gush about Sean Paul, but think about all the secrets you have to keep. It sounds exhausting. There’s not a non-disclosure agreement in the world that could stop me from blabbing about The Blip after, like, one Miller Lite. After two drinks, I’m usually screaming about pictures of Spider-Man.

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(Via Entertainment Tonight)