‘Avengers’ Directors Fought Hard To Have ‘Every Character’ From The MCU Be In The Movies

Remember the big battle scene in Captain America: Civil War, the one with Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision, and Spider-Man on one side, and Captain America, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, and Scarlet Witch on the other. That’s My Dinner with Andre compared to what Avengers: Infinity War has in store. Co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo fought hard to have, as they put it, “every character” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe be in the movie. “Ludicrously large” doesn’t do the cast justice.

“We’ll take blame for the scale, because we were pushing for it,” Joe told Vanity Fair. “We were pushing to make it bigger, we were pushing it, saying, ‘Look, what you’ve done is an impressive narrative over 10 years, and why shouldn’t this involve every character?’ It should be the culmination, so in some way, we have to touch on everyone in their story, or their theme. It has to be woven in, in some way. You can’t really look back and go, ‘Hey, remember the last time that somebody took 12 franchises and blended them together and told the movie with 60 lead characters?’ So that’s the challenge, and you have to create your own structure for a story like that. You look at Lord of the Rings, or you can look at [Robert Altman’s] Nashville, but there is no real template for it.”

Pity the poor graphic designer who needs to fit the Avengers, everyone else from the Civil War fight scene, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Wasp, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and many more into a single poster. We’ll get our first official look at Infinity War on Wednesday, when the trailer drops.

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser poster:

(Via Vanity Fair)