The ‘Infinity War’ Directors Bluntly Shut Down One Maligned Character’s Shot At Redemption


[Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below]

After Avengers: Infinity War actually did the unthinkable and allowed Thanos to wipe out half the life in the universe, the sadness and confusion of fans soon turned to anger. And they knew exactly who to blame, for one character’s actions contributed the most to Thano’s genocidal success. That would be Star-Lord, whose motor mouth and unbridled anger over his lady (Gamora) prevented several Avengers from nearly securing the Gauntlet and shutting down Thanos’ villainous plan. One seriously dumb move outweighed every other misstep, and while characters are often given the chance to make up for these things in sequels, it’s not looking good for Chris Pratt’s character.

The Infinity War directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, spoke with ComicBook, and they’re still kinda sticking with the writers’ “everyone who’s dead is dead” talking point. Although Anthony hints at some characters coming back because Marvel needs to “[make] it work on a business level” (and losing Black Panther would be a bad move in that regard), Joe says there’s no hope for Star-Lord:

While this leaves a bit of hope for those characters who were wiped away to be brought back to life in some way, the directors are quick to shut down any chance at redemption for Star-Lord after his punching Thanos in the face disrupted the plan of getting the Infinity Gauntlet from him. “No,” Joe Russo said when asked if the character will win some fans back, “because he’s dead.”

The Russos have also shut down a popular theory about Gamora, and none of this makes much sense with a third Guardians movie in the works for 2020. Of course, these interviews could all be smoke and mirrors, but it appears that not even the Russos are keen to let Star-Lord ride again. Perhaps there will be a chance to resurrect another Groot twig and unbreak some hearts, but Chris Pratt’s Instagram page shall never be the same.