Did this comic book cover just confirm an oft-misquoted ‘Back to the Future’ line?

If any kid delivered these comic book covers as candygrams to her classmates, she instantly wins Valentine”s Day. 

IDW Publishing is celebrating Heart Day with variant covers (front and back) that look like Valentine”s Day cards, complete with apt punny and cheesy messages. IDW”s licensed comic series like Star Trek, The X-Files, and even Judge Dredd got festive covers for their February 2016 issues.

Also included: IDW”s Back to the Future series (which launched last October as we finally entered the future). It”s a sweet cover with the recognizable Enchantment Under the Sea poster backing dancing George and Lorraine.

But wait. What does the text say on that one? Take a look:

“My density has bought me to you.” Not “popped me to you,” as the line”s often quoted. The oh-so-smooth line Marty fed to his dad to deliver to Lorraine – “Tell her destiny brought you together” – got memorably and adorkably garbled when George sputtered out the line that sometimes gets quoted one way and sometimes another.

Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale is a writer on the comic series. So can we assume “bought” is the official, canon, correct line? I still hear “popped” when I watch that part of the film, and, personally, I think it”s funnier with George really totally goofing the line that way. But maybe now we have to concede that it is actually “bought.”

To see how Captain Kirk, TMNT Michelangelo, and more characters say “Happy Valentine”s Day,” check out more of the February variant covers by IDW artists in the gallery below.

All of you who root for the OTP that is Scully + Mulder, there“s one here for you.