‘Batman v Superman’ round-up: The world of the Justice League just got a lot more crowded

Over the weekend, most of Hollywood had all eyes on the Golden Globes. Myself included. But just because you aren”t paying attention doesn”t mean superhero news isn”t raining from the sky. From “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to “Suicide Squad,” Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment shared a plethora of new information. Including hints as to how big this shared universe really is.

#1: New “Batman V Superman” footage

Two TV spots were recently released for the upcoming showdown. One of them is just a recut of scenes we”ve already watched but one had a tiny morsel of new dialogue at the end. Batman doesn”t make threats, he makes promises.

#2: How many Justice League members will cameo in “Batman v Superman”?

All of them. Maybe. Not really, but the core team might put in an appearance. Speaking to USA Today, director Zack Snyder gave a quote that doesn”t have enough context to say for sure:

“I love Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but having Flash and Aquaman and Cyborg and to see them all standing together, it”s a pretty dorky and cool experience for me,.

Does he mean seeing them all together at the end of “Batman v Superman” or just seeing them all together in general in the upcoming “Justice League” movies? We”ll find out soon enough.

#3: The corporate world of “Batman v Superman” just got bigger.

In an “interview” with Lex Luthor – which is both highly entertaining and deeply unsettling – Wired Magazine post this graph along with the article.

Image Credit: Warner Bros:

Kord Industries is owned by Ted Kord, better known as the Blue Beetle. Anyone familiar with The CW”s superhero show “Arrow” will recognize Queen Industries. Oliver Queen might be third in defense contracts, but he”s first in arrows in your face. Stagg Industries is well known for helping to fund other corners of the DC Universe. Geschaft Krieg (translation “fiscal war”) is the wild card. It”s worth noting however that Dr. Alistair Kreig has been responsible for the creation of Cyborg in other timelines.

#4: The Suicide Squad got a new group photo.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Whatever is happening is making everyone nervous. Everyone but Harley that is. This is our first look at the team – outside of glossy magazine covers and blurry Instagram stills – since the first photo lit up the Internet months ago.