Beastie Boy Mike D designed the coolest Brooklyn-themed wallpaper

Notorious B.I.G. The Brooklyn Bridge. A hot air balloon. The Coney Island roller coaster. And a Hassidic Jew. These are the things that adorn this awesome wallpaper designed by Mike Diamond, aka Mike D from the Beastie Boys.

This stuff is eco-friendly and sells for $7 a square foot — which sounds totally reasonable for a wallpaper, right? I’m not responsible enough to know the answer to that question! The paper, which comes in red and blue, was a Mike D concept that was brought to fruition by a design company called Revolver New York. It’s obviously the coolest thing ever, and we should all put it on ever wall of our homes.

Here’s what the wallpaper looks inside Mike D’s own house:

Ah, yes. Mike D’s crafty and he’s just my type.

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