Best And Worst: Actors-turned-musicians and musicians-turned-actors

Jennifer Lopez was the first person ever to have a No. 1 album and film in the same week, but her first step into entertainment was in a movie. Justin Timberlake distinguished himself in NSYNC and as a solo artist, but don't forget he started as a Mousekateer. And Mark Wahlberg was a household name… by a rapper of a totally different name. And Hugh Laurie and Queen Latifah? We've watched them closely either way they've gone with their career, whether music or acting, even as the two worlds combine.

Below, HitFix staffers outline the trajectories of musicians that have turned to acting, and actors that have turned to music, from Zooey Deschanel to Madonna, from Mos Def (yasiin bey) to Jared Leto, Ice T to David Bowie.

Some have faired better than others. Which musicians do you think make a better go at acting and vice versa?

Here are the Best And Worst Actors-Turned-Musicians, and Musicians-Turned-Actors.