Best and Worst of the 2014 Emmys: ‘Breaking Bad,’ McConaughey, Sofia Vergara

Emmy Night 2014 will be memorable for many things, albeit for many of the same things as other recent telecasts. 

Breaking with general non-NBC Emmy precedent with an August airing and breaking with nearly 40 years of precedent by taking place on a Monday, the show was supposed to be a grand coronation for Netflix and a grand confirmation for the power of HBO.

Instead, it was a reaffirmation of the unbeatable “Modern Family” and an opportunity to add to the trophy piles for stars including Bryan Cranston, Allison Janney, Aaron Paul, Ty Burrell and Jessica Lange.

It was a fitting send-off for a “Breaking Bad” season hailed as one of the finest in TV history and an opportunity for FX to score its first-ever series win.

And what of the show itself? How did Seth Meyers do? Which presenters stole the spotlight? And did Robin Williams getting a fitting send-off? 

Check out all of our picks for the Best & Worst of Emmy Night 2014: