‘Ready Player One’s Hilarious Fake Theme Song Is The Best Part Of This Twitter Pile-On

Entertainment Editor
03.07.18 6 Comments

Hey, remember when Twitter roasted Ready Player One? I ‘member. Seems like it was only yesterday. Oh, it was.

Taking shots at Steven Spielberg’s cyberpunk nostalgia-fest Ready Player One and the Ernest Cline book it’s adapted from isn’t a new phenomenon. South Park co-creator Trey Parker called it “the most Member Berry thing ever,” for example. But some of the jokes circulating Twitter on Tuesday night were particularly great. One stand-out is the fake theme song (above) written and performed by The Good Place writer — and great Twitter follow — Demi Adejuyigbe. Oh man, I remember all of those things.

The impetus for the Twitter roast seems to have started with a set of referential posters released by Warner. At first glance, we assumed the posters were just fan art mashups, which is fitting, since Ready Player One is pretty much a fan art mashup.

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