‘Ready Player One’s Hilarious Fake Theme Song Is The Best Part Of This Twitter Pile-On

Hey, remember when Twitter roasted Ready Player One? I ‘member. Seems like it was only yesterday. Oh, it was.

Taking shots at Steven Spielberg’s cyberpunk nostalgia-fest Ready Player One and the Ernest Cline book it’s adapted from isn’t a new phenomenon. South Park co-creator Trey Parker called it “the most Member Berry thing ever,” for example. But some of the jokes circulating Twitter on Tuesday night were particularly great. One stand-out is the fake theme song (above) written and performed by The Good Place writer — and great Twitter follow — Demi Adejuyigbe. Oh man, I remember all of those things.

The impetus for the Twitter roast seems to have started with a set of referential posters released by Warner. At first glance, we assumed the posters were just fan art mashups, which is fitting, since Ready Player One is pretty much a fan art mashup.



This wasn’t the first time Ready Player One posters were lambasted. Do you remember the confusingly leggy poster from December? (I ‘member.)


Other people piled on with jokes and gripes, with most of our favorites being tweeted on Tuesday:


Thankfully, some people looked to the bright side:


I’m so pumped to see this movie!