The Stories To Watch Out For Following Netflix’s Purchase Of The Comic Publisher Behind ‘Kingsman’ And ‘Kick-Ass’

08.09.17 7 months ago 2 Comments

Millarworld / Netflix

With Netflix’s purchase of Millarworld and their own stable of comic book stories to draw upon, it would seem they’ve taken another step towards controlling their own destiny against reports of their $20 billion in growing debt. Owning a deep slate of stories outright allows the streaming platform to create shows and films they control, avoiding the pricey fees connected to licensing content from outside studios and while also giving them exclusives people will want to see.

While Kingsman and Kick-Ass won’t be involved in anything Netflix produces thanks to their current Hollywood deals, there are still a ton of creative and successful ideas under the Millarworld label. Not only that, but it’s a wide range of tales that will allow Netflix to essentially have their own Batman and Superman, their own Guardians of the Galaxy, their own evil versions of The Avengers and Justice League, and possibly even their first real stab at epic tales you could compare to Game Of Thrones.

That’s not to say any of this will work out or meet those same quality standards. It’s more about the good faith towards the stories that already exist within Millarworld and how they set themselves apart from the rest of the comic book slate we’re currently saturated with. On top of that, Millar is already known for a very cinematic style in his work, giving way to several readymade ideas itching to jump to film or television. So here are some of the franchises we could expect:


While we got an adaptation of this from Universal starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy, that film was far from the source material. While the general idea of a shadowy organization initiating the son of one of their greatest members was kept intact, the film chose to change the group to assassins instead of supervillains who defeated their heroic counterparts and took over the planet. The book is more of a pastiche of Marvel and DC Comics characters that allowed Millar to tell stories he’d never get to tell with the iconic characters from those companies — unless you count Old Man Logan. Netflix could do the same with a series, going in the backstories of these characters, keeping their connection to Marvel and DC while also building them into their own characters.

No matter what, it’d be better than a league of assassins that make of their decisions based on fabric from a loom.

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