‘SNL’: ‘The Beygency’ is after all of you lukewarm Beyonce fans

05.04.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

Beyonce and her music are perfect, she runs the world, and that is indisputable.

At least, that's what “The Beygency” would have you think.

“Saturday Night Live” brought out the big guns for this fake trailer, which feature's Saturday night's host Andrew Garfield running for his life after he disclosed a secret: he's just OK on that “Drunk In Love” joint.

For all you “24” fans out there ready for the return of the irreplaceable Kiefer Sutherland to take over your TVs again on Monday, look for his cameo here. And steel your Jack Bauer sensibilities: The Beygency is after you, and they can see your halo.

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