Billie Joe Armstrong plays a man who wishes he was Billie Joe Armstrong in ‘Ordinary World’

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Ordinary World shows us an alternate world where Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day isn't famous. He's just an ordinary guy working an ordinary job with an ordinary family. I'd hazard to guess that the lesson of this movie is there's no such thing as an “ordinary life.”

Billie Joe Armstrong plays a man who dreams of being Billie Joe Armstrong. He's turning 40 but no one in his family has remembered, so his friends throw him a hotel party. At first, I didn't immediately recognize the lead singer of Green Day. I didn't know who the actor was and wondered why they'd choose this guy for the role. He's a well-preserved 40 with great hair, so he didn't seem like an ideal choice to play a down and out dude in mid-life crisis. 

Once it registered that this was “punk rocker” Billie Joe  trying his hand out at acting as a leading man, it made more sense. I'm not sure I'm convinced by his “I'm bummed cause I'm just a regular 'ole dad” unhappy face and the plot of this movie is perhaps a little too obvious (do you think he'll make it to his daughter's recital in time?). But it may have its charm. In the same way that Green Day has its charm. It's not edgy or anything but it's pleasant enough and I won't turn off the radio as long as it's not on repeat.