‘Blade Runner’ fans, today is Roy’s birthday — and we mean the day he was born

What”s past is prologue. Or rather, future is now present. We”ve reached the sci-fi future of “Blade Runner.” Not quite when the classic Ridley Scott film takes place – November 2019 – but we”ve reached the future when replicants are being made. Specifically, the replicant Roy Batty, model number N6MAA10816, is getting pieced together in some factory somewhere today.

See, January 8, 2016 is Roy Batty”s inception date:

We”re coming up on the incept dates for other replicants too.

Zhora”s inception date is June 12, 2016.

Leon may not look it, but he”s the baby of this bunch, with an inception date on April 10, 2017. 

Pris, the “basic pleasure model,” has an inception date on Valentine”s Day 2016.

So Happy Birthday, Roy! Enjoy those four years of a replicant”s short lifespan. Or less if you meet a man named Rick Deckard in the rain.