The Big ‘Stranger Things 2’ Death Was Accidentally Spoiled Months Ago

[Spoilers for Stranger Things 2, obviously]

Bob Newby lived his best life. He worked at Radio Shack, he dated Winona Ryder, he loved puzzles and Mr. Mom… and then he got ripped apart by a Demogorgon-dog (“Demodog”) after saving the day. He was a superhero and he won’t be forgotten, unlike that Barb girl. Bob’s death was one of the most shocking moments in Stranger Things 2, but maybe it shouldn’t have been.

Producer Shawn Levy (who also directed the Night at the Museum movies and Real Steel) accidentally revealed Bob’s fate back in July during San Diego Comic-Con. “I think I can say this now,” Levy told Collider. “I did an interview at Comic-Con, I think, where someone asked, ‘Oh, do you think Bob is gonna be beloved?’ and I said, ‘Well, Bob is the new Barb.’ And I said that and literally, I was like, ‘Oh, no. No, no. I just meant he’s likable. I just mean the fans are gonna love him.’ I accidentally forecast his death.”

Levy was terrified that a website would take his words literally (we’re very good at doing that). “Thank f*cking god, I trolled every major site to see who picked that up, who took a deeper dive, and I was waiting for the angry phone call from [co-creators] Matt and Ross [Duffer],” he said. “Thankfully, no one is that interested in anything I have to say, so it didn’t catch fire, but if you go and look, I completely leaked the death of Bob. I can admit that now.”

It’s honestly surprising this doesn’t happen more often. Take Game of Thrones, for instance. At least a dozen people know how the show is going to end, and now they have to bite their tongue for the next 12-plus months whenever someone asks about the finale. If it were me, I’d blab about how Arya is Jon and Daenerys’ daughter to the first person who bought me a taco.

(Via Comic Book and Collider)