Brian Grazer Announces 80s Remake That Hopefully Won’t Ruin Your Childhood

Almost any movie, especially from the 90s on back, is bound for a remake at some point but I can't say this one would have immediately come to mind. Producer Brian Grazer is working on a remake of mermaid rom-com Splash.

Directed by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer helped write the romantic comedy along with Bruce Jay Friedman, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, and Bruce Jay Friedman. It starred Tom Hanks as a co-owner of a fruit and vegetable business along with his older brother, played by John Candy, and Daryl Hannah as Madison the mermaid who gains legs when she's on dry land. Eugene Levy plays on overeager scientist looking to study her. (There was also a made-for-TV sequel titled Splash, Too but it's probably best for everyone involved if we forget about that.) It was silly, like lots of 80s films, but cute nonetheless.

/Film posted an interview Grazer did with CNBC in which he discussed current work on a remake of Splash…which he hadn't told anyone about yet apparently.

“I”m actually doing Splash today, and I can”t say [more]. I”m actually going to do it from the point-of-view of a…I can”t say anything about it. There”s a movie star involved, gonna be involved. I haven”t announced it.”

Strictly speaking, he just did. Albeit, unofficially.

Of course Grazer doesn't give us much to go on but interviewer Carl Quintanilla did follow up to say he mentions in his book (A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life) that the original take was called Wet and written from the mermaid's point of view. Grazer said, “Yes and that's what…we're going to do a version of that. But I can't tell you the twist.”

I always thought Splash was a fun movie but it's not so popular (like say, Ghostbusters) where people are going to freak out if it gets remade. I think there's tons of potential here.