Celebrity Shaq-off: Lindsay Lohan vs. Kevin Hart

May this week always be remembered as the one that brought us two amazing photos of celebrities posing with Shaquille O’Neal, giving us this opportunity to hold our very first Shaq-off! The first photo was tweeted by Lindsay Lohan on Monday, when she ran into the friendly giant after a workout session. It looks like this:

And the second photo was posted on Tuesday by notably short comedian Kevin Hart — and it is something of a doozy:

At first glance, Kevin’s photo seems like the obvious winner of this inaugural celebrity Shaq-off, but give Lindsay’s another look and some questions will surely arise. Such as: Why is Lindsay wearing sneaker wedges to work out? Is that an off-the-shoulder bodysuit? And, um, why did she take two different cell phones to the gym?

So, whose Big Aristotle photo will be named Shaq-off champion? The power is entirely in your hands, so please consider the importance of what you’re about to do and vote wisely.

(h/t BuzzFeed)