Celebs express appreciation for Stephen Colbert

12.16.14 4 years ago

Celebs express appreciation for Stephen Colbert
“I don”t know if people really appreciate how brilliant he was,” says Michael J. Fox. “I think he's the fastest mind on television,” adds Buz Luhrmann. “What made his show special was his hair,” says Jennifer Garner. And Donald Trump says: “I think he”s going to do well. He”s a smart guy, very talented, very funny.” PLUS: Jimmy Kimmel, who shares an agent with Colbert, urged the agent “to tell Stephen it was a terrible mistake to do a character the whole time. That it wasn”t going to last, and also not to name the show ‘The Report” as a joke. It was just going to confuse everybody. And he did, anyway, and of course, it was a smashing success in every way.”

Bill Cosby won”t be charged over the 1974 teen sex assault allegation
The L.A. County D.A.”s office said the statute of limitations had passed.

Terry Crews to host Fox”s “World”s Funniest Fails”
It”s the third show for the star of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and host of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

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Craig Ferguson reflects on how his “Late Late Show” played around with talk show staples
A skeleton robot sidekick and not preparing for his interviews are two things Ferguson”s show will be remembered for. “The truth is, I think I”m a very impatient person and not good with preparation,” he says. “They used to give me three pages on a guest and I said, ‘I”m not reading this Russian novel – just print out the Wikipedia thing.””

Danny McBride”s HBO comedy “Vice Principals” casts the school Principal
“Selfie” regular Da”vine Joy Randolph will play the confident and powerful new boss of Vice Principal McBride.

David James Elliott is headed to “Scorpion”
The former “JAG” star will enlist the help of Team Scorpion in an episode airing early next year.

Watch Alyson Hannigan”s crying return to CBS
Here”s a clip from her visit Thursday on “The McCarthys.”

Conan O”Brien talks becoming late-night”s elder statesman, vows to finally watch “The Wire”
When Letterman steps down, Conan will become late-night”s longest-serving host after spending 22 years hosting a talk show. “I think overnight, the minute Dave goes off the air, I'm gonna suddenly morph into a Civil War veteran circa 1941: (in a raspy old man voice) 'Yeah, I tell ya…,”” says Conan. As for his New Year”s resolution, Conan says, “I'm supposed to have seen 'The Wire.' If you break down everything about me, I'm supposed to have seen 'The Wire' and really love 'The Wire' and I should still be talking about 'The Wire.' But I haven't seen 'The Wire.' It's like being a film critic who hasn't seen 'Citizen Kane,' and you're afraid of being found out someday.”

2 CIA agents assess this season of “Homeland”
On the whole, Season 4 has been pretty accurate, despite the detractors.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes a funny face with Hugh Laurie
Check out their “Veep” antics.

Amy Poehler urges you to waste your time on the Internet while waiting for “Parks and Rec”
The NBC comedy returns in less than one month.

Some sorority members aren”t happy with VH1″s “Sorority Sisters”
Some are even asking advertisers to boycott the reality show that focuses on members of black sororities.

Sharon Osbourne”s front tooth fell out during “The Talk”
“Oh s***! My tooth is falling off!” Sharon said in the middle of today”s show.

Why TV needs a new “Star Trek” series
“A new TV version of 'Star Trek,' says David Sims, “would be refreshing and well-timed. The public's appetite for science fiction feels stronger than ever, from the swathe of superhero stories flooding the blockbuster market to super-popular cult TV like 'Doctor Who' and 'Orphan Black.' There's a definite marketplace gap for cerebral, non-superhero genre TV, especially since 'Battlestar Galactica' departed.”

Dax Shepard will be back on “About a Boy”
The “Parenthood” alum will play poker on the Jan. 13 episode.

“SNL” debuted Hanukkah Harry 25 years ago today
The Jon Lovitz character has been adopted as something of an actual, genuine Santa for Jews. PLUS: Chris Rock considers Adam Sandler the smartest “SNL” cast member.

Adult Swim”s “Unedited Footage of a Bear” might be its most disturbing infomercial yet
Even more disturbing than “Too Many Cooks.”

In defense of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
“The striking thing about 'A Charlie Brown Christmas,”” says Tom Scocca, “is that it could never, ever have gotten made in our own smug era of Open-Mindedness b/w Transgression. The culture warriors-or preemptive fear of the culture warriors-would have suppressed the whole project, from both sides. It's an all-out scathing leftist attack on commerce and capitalism, built around a faithful recitation from the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ According to St. Luke. It would be unimaginable if it hadn't already been on our TVs, decade after decade.”

Starz”s “The Missing” will return for a 2nd season
Starz and the BBC have picked up a 2nd season of eight episodes of the anthology series.

A&E to premiere Dick Wolf”s docuseries “Nightwatch” on Jan. 22
Cameras will follow emergency responders in the middle of the night in New Orleans.

“The Flash” casts a brother for Cisco
“Sleepy Hollow” alum Nicholas Gonzalez will play Cisco”s handsome and charming older brother.

“The Real World” is back for Season 30 with “Skeletons”
The newest season is all about the drama – it”s terrible and wonderful at the same time. PLUS: Chicago looks great in a premiere that looks more “Jerry Springer” than reality show, and ranking the first decade of “Real World” houseguests.

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