Chloe Moretz and Laura Brown Inspire New Rules for #TBT

Just when I was about to kindly ask the world if it could please do away with Throw Back Thursday (#tbt), Laura Brown posted this work of art. Chloe Moretz dressed up as Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver made me realize that #TBT isn”t all bad, and inspired me to come up with some new ground rules for this weekly holiday:

  1. No more baby pictures of yourself. You can do this once or twice but after that you are just showing the world pictures of you as a baby every week. We KNOW you were a baby once, we don”t need the weekly reminder.
  2. The picture should be not just from the past but also ABOUT the past. For example, this pic of Chloe was taken a while ago, but it is also a throwback to another time, so the nostalgia element is doubled.
  3. Photos from last week don”t count.
  4. Switch it up. If you really love #tbt and insist on doing it every week, show us photos from different stages of life. If you showed a baby pic last week, show us something from your prom this week. Keep us on our toes a little.
  5. Have an angle/make it relevant. For example, on the day that Star Wars comes out, it would be appropriate to post a picture of you dressed up as Darth Vader on opening night of Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars will come out on a Friday, so if you want to post the picture one day early that is fine by me.

Ok, got it? Glad we got that taken care of. Happy #TBT y”all, and may the force be with you.