Chris Hemsworth took months to master hacker dialogue in ‘Blackhat’

“Blackhat” is a technological thriller with more global intrigue and mysterious villains than an average game of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” 

Star Chris Hemsworth Nicholas Hathaway, a furloughed convict hired to help catch a hacker who's trying to dismantle the international banking system. He's assisted by a cunning paramour (Tang Wei) and a brilliant government authority (Viola Davis), but his intel is most important in tracking down the diabolical felon. 

Director Michael Mann prepped his actors for their jargon-heavy dialogue by having real-life hackers on set to dictate the authenticity of every scene. Hemsworth says that perspective was necessary since the dialogue is, to say the least, bewildering.

“I did months of prep with a number of hackers to understand that world and that language,” Hemsworth told us. “But still, a lot of that stuff was like you're speaking for the first time. It literally feels like another language.”

“Blackhat” is in theaters January 16.