Watch Chris Pratt Transform Into A Space Lumberjack


There’s something soothing about time lapse video. Whether I’m watching a flower grow and sprout, seeing a baker transform a cake into a masterpiece, or getting a peek at the transformation of an actor, having a perception of standing outside time is appealing. Even when the transformation taking place isn’t extreme.

Case in point: Chris Pratt recently shared his metamorphosis into a half-crazed hermit for part of his recent sci-fi feature Passengers, co-starring Jennifer Lawrence. Though the film isn’t doing well, partly due to bait-and-switch marketing that sold a love story instead of the tale of a man ruining a woman’s life because she’d love him if only she knew him, that doesn’t mean hundreds of people didn’t work very hard to create Passengers. After all, no one sets out to make a bad movie. During the time-lapse, first shared on Instagram, Pratt goes from All-American goofball to poster boy for Razors For Men: Now With More Bears™. It’s not an intense change, but it does serve as a reminder that even subtle hairstyles that can be achieved by letting nature take its course isn’t a viable option for a movie working on a timetable. Could Chris Pratt look like the final product naturally? Sure. But nobody is going to shut down production for a month while he sprouts an owl sanctuary on his face.

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