Christopher Mintz-Plasse confirms ‘Kick-Ass 2’ start, talks ‘Superbad 2’

SAN DIEGO — Christopher Mintz-Plasse has confirmed a September start for shooting “Kick-Ass 2,” though his Red Mist character is undergoing some changes from Mark Millar’s second comic book.

During an interview for “Paranorman” at San Diego Comic-Con, Mintz-Plasse did say that the movie will maintain his character Red Mist’s transformation to villain Motherf*cker. And they’re keeping the name.

However, they’re getting rid of one especially violent detail in the adaptation from the comic-book to the movie, which is to say, “There’s no rape in this one, guys.”

“There was one thing they took out, thank god,” Mintz-Plasse told HitFix. “My character rapes a girl in the comic. And in this one its really funny because… well, I don”t want to ruin it. There”s no rape.”

He also hinted how the show-down between Motherf*cker and rival Kick-Ass would shape up.
“It’s very dark. It’s ‘Warriors’ meets ‘Kick-Ass’ at the end. he has a gang of superheroes and I have a gang of villains. It’s… huge. Huge,” Mintz-Plasse said.
When filming begins, the 23-year-old actor will be splitting his time between “Kick-Ass 2” and shooting CBS comedy sitcom “Friend Me,” as one of two twenty-somethings who move from Indiana to work at coupon site Groupon in California. He’ll be flying between Toronto, California and London for the shoots.
But he won’t be starring in a sequel to hit movie “Superbad,” at least not any time soon. Mintz-Plasse said “you never know” about a potential “Superbad 2,” but cohorts like Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen keep their dance cards pretty packed. 
However, Mintz-Plasse has an idea of a good time to actually make the film, should it happen.
“I think it”d be funny if we did it when we”re, like, 40.”