If you are interested, Liam Hemsworth is half naked in ‘The Dressmaker’

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The Dressmaker is coming! And she's bringing her sewing kit and a whole lot of trouble. Kate Winslet plays a dressmaker who's returned to her hometown to teach the locals some lessons in the art of fashion and love. And she's going to swoop up a hunk of her own along the way. 

Excuse me while I barf. Truthfully, my ten-year-old self is screaming at me for watching The Dressmaker trailer all the way through. And he would never forgive me for watching The Dressmaker movie. He'd wonder what went wrong in life that I would even consider it. But I'm an adult now, and — oh, who am I kidding. I haven't matured that much. 

The film's signature moments are the ones that responsible adults think are naughty and edgy without offending their sensibilities. For instance, Kate Winslet make a dress for a woman who might appear to be a plain Jane but really isn't, all she needs is a curve hugging dress and a bath, really. The men's collective jaws drop and they all get the vapors because unlike us in the audience, they didn't see this coming.

Meanwhile, all the townspeople of this period piece are swooning or up in arms about the dressmaker's fashion makeovers and how she's injected some spirit in this town, all in that contrived way that only happens in movies. Plus, there's a mystery about whether Kate Winslet killed someone or not, but come on, do we think this movie is ending with Kate Winslet revealed as a stone-blooded killer? Do we think she's going to slaughter everyone with her prized knitting needles right before the end credits? Sorry, you bloodthirsty fools, it's not that kind of film. 

But – BUT – It does have something to offer that may make some of you very happy. Liam Hemsworth gets just a little bit naked! As a fun experiment, I'm going to ask the woman next to me in the office if she thinks this picture is hot. Her name is Krista, 29, and she's also a writer. Okay, here's the picture.

Krista says “Hot, sexy, his pants are slung just right.” There you go, the dressmaker knows what she's doing. You can count on one ticket from Krista. Me? I'm going clothes shopping.