Cold hard cash: The greediest ladies of film and TV

Greedy men in cinema are always the same: They're reprehensible, sure, but they're always so cocky and self-important in their “Wall Street” slickness that they become humorless antiheroes. Plenty of the most towering characters in TV and film are greedy dudes who excuse their bad behavior with financial success. It's so pervasive a character type that there's no use revisiting its past.

Meanwhile, greedy women are much harder to find in movies and television. They're often relegated to supporting roles, but they are typically much funnier than the average Gordon Gekko. Thus, before we celebrate another Black Friday, let's take a look back at a slew of the most deliciously greedy female characters in entertainment. These are dames who want money, jewels, and snozberries, and they'll fly first-class to get them all.