Comic-Con had more Star Wars cosplay than you can shake a blaster at

San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone for another year, but the memories linger on. Celebrate the creativity of fandom by checking out some cosplay!

For the first time in years, I spent a majority of my Comic-Con away from the show floor. Between live-blogging several panels, one-on-one interviews, press lines, and other assorted events, there wasn”t a lot of time for goggling at the wonder that is seeing favorite characters brought to life by dedicated fans. But what little I did see was full to overflowing with Star Wars cosplays.

From the original trilogy to the prequels to The Force Awakens, every era of a galaxy far, far away was represented. Even some fan favorites from the Expanded Universe – including a prodigal son recently returned to Star Wars canon – made an appearance.

After the jump, check out some of the best Star Wars cosplay I caught sight of this year at San Diego Comic-Con!

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