Three people injured as car drives through Comic-Con parade

(CBR) Three people were hurt Saturday in San Diego when a car drove through the annual ZombieWalk held in conjunction with Comic-Con International. A 64-year-old passersby was taken to the hospital with a possible broken arm, and the other two suffered only minor injuries.

Accounts of the incident vary, but the San Diego Police Department says a deaf family with small children was stopped at Second and Island avenues as the procession of hundreds of participants in zombie makeup lumbered by their car. Officer David Stafford told U-T San Diego that after waiting several minutes, the 48-year-old driver started rolling slowly into the crowd because his children were frightened.

According to police, several people surrounded the car and began hitting it, shattering the windshield. That”s when the father reportedly drove forward again, striking the 64-year-old woman. The crowd chased after the car down as the family drove toward a police officer.

The annual ZombieWalk isn”t officially sanctioned by Comic-Con International.

NBC 7 reports that the driver has been cited by police but not criminally charged. The incident is under investigation.

An early report by TMZ asserted that ZombieWalk participants caused the incident – “Zombie Walk Turns Violent: Woman Hit By Car When Crowd Goes Berserk,” its headline blares – but most subsequent accounts seem to support that they and march onlookers surrounded the car only after it began moving into the crowd.

“People began shouting for him to stop so as not to run through a parade that included children and babies in strollers,” witness Sean Foley wrote in an email to NBC 7, “at which point he floored his car through the crowd.” He said that the car”s window was broken after the driver struck people.

“TMZ is disgusting and a joke,” a ZombieWalk representative wrote on Twitter. “We are not commenting directly to any other media. Thank you to those who know the truth and support us.”