Correct or Wrong: Has ‘True Blood’ turned a corner in its final season?

There wasn't a lot of hope for the final season of “True Blood.” Season six featured too many new characters, a silly Vampire “god” (Lilith), a super-powered Bill, a human torture camp for vampires and Eric seemingly going away for good. “True Blood” always thrived on trying to weave over-the-top story lines around characters the viewer could relate to. That clearly wasn't happening.  In fact, it almost became almost punishment to try and watch the show.  Not even the most hardcore fans believed things could turn around in season seven.

When the show returned at the end of June it got off to another bumpy start. A pointless storyline about rogue vampires trying to feed off the residents of Bon Temps seemed to only create a mechanism to kill off members of the cast (honestly, do we remember any of it anymore?). Slowly, but surely, things slowed down a bit. The focus returned to the main characters and less dramatic story lines (well, at least for “True Blood”).  There were even moments that reminded you that, “Wow, this show used to be really good once.” Now, with the series finale only days away it make sense to ponder the question: Did “True Blood” have a comeback in season seven?

To answer that question, HitFix's Dan Fienberg and Gregory Ellwood will engage in our latest feature. A format so simple it can only be called: Correct or Wrong. And, if you like it, we'll do it again in the future.

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