Could Carol and Daryl end up on their own in ‘The Walking Dead’?

Love is in the air on The Walking Dead. With the immediate threat of the zombie horde dispatched and the next threat of Negan still in the distance, the Group has remembered to live a little. Rick and Michonne are having a go at romance, Maggie and Glenn are in the early stages of nesting for their new arrival, and Abraham and Sasha are one accidental meet-cute away from making out. This has some fans wondering if the long-simmering tension between Carol and Daryl will finally spill over.

Express caught up with Melissa McBride (Carol) at Walker Stalker Con to ask just that. A consummate professional, McBride”s answer was vague yet interesting:

“I can”t say, I don”t know what to say. They obviously care for one another but I get really excited about what the writers come up with and how they weave the stories together. There could be a moment where they”re all they have. So who knows? Then there”s how do you define it?”

Personally, I am a fan of Carol and Daryl”s intense and deep friendship. I see them more as family forged by fire than lovers. But I don”t begrudge anyone who ships them, it”s an easy leap to make and they both deserve happiness! One line from McBride sticks out in particular though, about there may come a time when Carol and Daryl only have each other. As Daryl doesn”t exist in the comics and Carol is long dead by now, their storyline is off the map. But considering what happens in next week”s episode, could McBride not be speaking in hypotheticals?


After last week”s episode, “Knots Untie” Fox”s Netherlands affiliate tweeted and deleted a spoilery preview from the next episode. But this is the Internet, where nothing is truly deleted.

“Knots Untie” was pretty true to the source material but with Rick deciding to take the fight to the Saviors instead of waiting for Negan”s men to find their town, we”re veering away from the comics again. Could the above preview – in which Carol and Maggie are assumedly abducted by some of Negan”s people – play into McBride”s quote? One can”t imagine Daryl would take too kindly to Carol”s kidnapping. The Group has splintered before. Would Daryl and Carol go full-on rogue rampage if Negan takes a baseball bat to someone they both care about?

I could see it.