Could ‘The Blues Brothers’ play as an animated series? Dan Aykroyd thinks so

What”s old is new again…whether you want it or not.

Bento Box Entertainment announced today that it”s developing the movie classic The Blues Brothers as an animated series. The company that produces such cartoons as Bob”s Burgers and The Awesomes will be creating the show alongside Dan Aykroyd, Judy Belushi (John Belushi”s widow) and writer/producer Anne Beatts.

In a statement, Aykroyd said, ”The show will be the Blues Brothers living in America and utilizing all new technology to make and promote their own records, seek out and record new artists and avoid law enforcement – and all while fighting for truth, justice and a better breakfast sandwich.”

Producers promise that the series will feature no shortage of music, both R&B classics as well as new performances made just for the show.

This is not the first attempt at a cartoon reboot for the R&B band. In 1997, the network formerly known as UPN (which later became part of The CW), created eight episodes with  Film Roman, but the network never aired the show. As far as other efforts to revive the Brothers, Aykroyd co-wrote and starred in Blues Brothers 2000 alongside John Goodman. Unfortunately, it wasn”t nearly the hit the first film was. Despite featuring a who”s who of blues musicians including Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bo Diddley and Aretha Franklin, the movie bombed, only bringing in $14 million.  It also spawned a video game (who knew?!) for Nintendo.