CulturePop No. 36 – Scheana Marie of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ talks big twist

and 02.03.14 5 years ago

It’s been a while since Melinda and I have done a podcast, but we’re back and (if you can get past the remnants of my cold) had a chance to talk to Scheana from “Vanderpump Rules.” Even if Stassi and Kristen give her a hard time, we found her to be lots of fun, a dry wit and she even gave us some hints about what we can expect on the season finale tonight (“Vanderpump Rules” airs Mon. at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo). In short — expect the unexpected, and there are even more changes in store on the reunion show. Those crazy kids!

:50 Going from being on the outs with Stassi to being her only friend in Cabo

1:40 Does Jax lie? Naahhh…

1:55 She now knows what really happened, so lips are sealed.

2:45 She talks about getting recognized.

5:05 She discusses her romantic engagement

6:10 She’d definitely get married on TV, if you’re wondering. 

6:55 The guys lie – especially Jax

7:25 She talk about the moment between Tom and Ariana.

8:20 “Kristen and Tom’s relationship seemed doomed from the start.”

10:05 News flash — she’s not accident prone!

12:20 Some dish on Cabo.

13:30 She and Stassi are either not speaking or they’re best friends — but she won’t tell us which.

15:35 We examine the mean girl dynamic.

16:35 She reveals the scenes that brought tears to her eyes — and she isn’t in them.

18:05 Her music — and her realistic take on being a pop star. 

20:00 Melinda admits she just fell in love Scheana. It makes sense if you listen. 

22:15 She likes Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Lorde and more. 

23:00 What you don’t see of Lisa Vanderpump but should.

24:45 Giggy!

25:00 Why Kristen shouldn’t be fired.

26:10 What’s going on with her teeth. 

27:10 Who would she vote off the island? Kristen. But not really. 

29:30 They couldn’t get married at Lisa’s house if they wanted to. 

30:10 She loved Beyonce’s performance at the Grammys.

31:35 Melinda wasn’t happy that Macklemore was on later than Beyonce, though. 

32:35 We discuss Madonna and that outfit. 

33:35 Scheana says someone joins the reunion who will shock you. 

So watch the finale tonight — after talking to Scheana, you know we will! Thanks for listening!

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