Dane Cook Has Apologized For Auditioning To Play One Of Marvel’s Most Popular Superheroes

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Dane Cook, your freshman year roommate’s favorite comedian, is about to embark on his first major stand-up tour in six years. His career isn’t quite what it was when he was selling out Madison Square Garden (the Hollywood Reporter called him at one time, “the most successful stand-up on the planet”) and booking lead roles in comedies with Jessicas Simpson and Alba, but Cook refuses to call it a comeback — he prefers “a trajectory.” And part of his trajectory includes apologizing for auditioning to play Captain America.

Back in 2011, Cook tweeted, “I’m minus 7% body fat now, bones replaced w/lightweight scandium alloy! Had 2 get shredded 4 Captain America audition & standup tour.” It seemed like a joke, that Good Luck Chuck wanted to play all-American good guy Steve Rodgers, but he insisted, “I say go [Robert Downey, Jr.] route — gimme the part!”

Marvel was apparently furious that Cook brought up the audition to his millions of followers, and he wanted to make amends, as he explains to the Hollywood Reporter in a new profile.

“Oh, I got in so much trouble. I was feeling really excited, but it was supposed to be a quiet, private thing. I wrote an apology letter to the casting director because they were upset.”

Cook also expressed regret for his ill-conceived Aurora shooting joke (“When they put it on CNN and said, ‘This is outrageous,’ then I could look at it too and say, ‘Oh, of course. Yeah, this isn’t funny'”), but he apologize for dating someone who’s 26 years his junior. “We’re not afraid to goof on [that perception],” Cook said about the age difference with his girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor. “But I have never had somebody in my life who is so kind and caring. I hope it goes the distance.” So, your partner is three decades younger than you…


(Via the Hollywood Reporter)