Watch: ‘Dark Skies” Keri Russell on fearing her own movie and journeying to ‘Austenland’

“The Americans” actress Keri Russell may be the star of the new Scott Stewart-directed horror flick “Dark Skies,” but that doesn’t mean she’s any less afraid of watching it.

“I just went to a screening a few days ago…they had me watch it before I did all this press. And I brought a whole gaggle of my girlfriends. Cause I thought, ‘it’s a scary movie, I’ve gotta watch it with people!'” said Russell, sitting down to chat with HitFix reporter Josh Lasser about the film. “We had a couple beers and watched it. And it was so fun…I still jumped at all the right places.”

In addition to “Dark Skies,” which sees Russell starring as a wife and mother whose family is tormented by a malicious alien presence, the actress also has the upcoming indie comedy “Austenland” (review) in store. The film, which recently premiered at Sundance and was later picked up by Sony Pictures Classics for north of $4 million, is based on the book by Shannon Hale and features Russell as a “Pride and Prejudice”-obsessed single woman who heads to the titular retreat in search of the “perfect gentleman.”

“It’s so bizarre, I mean starting with the fact that I was pregnant wearing a corset the whole time [during filming],” she said. “This expandable corset because every week my belly would just get bigger and bigger! And we were shooting in the English countryside, and Jennifer Coolidge…I mean, come on. Jennifer Coolidge, hilarious. And all of these great English actors doing what they do. And Jane Seymour, and her jewelry collection and…[giggles]…dolls everywhere.”

Dolls, eh? Maybe it’s best to just leave that part alone.

Care to hear more of the interview? You can watch it in full above.

“Dark Skies” hits theaters this Friday.