Lore here! Get all your ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ background lore here!

One of the many cool things about “Mad Max: Fury Road” is how dense the lore is without explaining anything. There is just a ton of stuff going on in the background. From Bullet Town and Gas Town to the religion based around cars and chrome, “Fury Road” doesn”t have time to hold the audiences hand through a lengthy exposition.

For many, this is a breath of fresh air. Leaving gaps makes the universe feel more real. No one is explaining anything because everyone lives in this world and it”s normal to them. Just as we wouldn”t explain to someone McDonald”s arches or a cross outside a church was.

But for lore nerd like myself, it was a gauntlet of challenge. How much can we deduce from the clues left behind? Are the producers of Mother”s Milk former Wives? How did this civilization in the middle of nowhere come to be? How did Furiosa break out of the strict gender divide of Immortan Joe”s empire?

Image Credit: DC Entertainment. Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards.

For people like me, Vertigo comics is here to help. Starting today with MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – IMMORTAN JOE AND NUX #1, they will release four comics about the major players in this world. The story was written by George Miller so this is straight-up Word of God™.

Without giving too much away, here are some things you”ll learn just from the IMMORTAN JOE AND NUX issue.

• Discover what was up with Miss Giddy”s body being covered in tattoos.
• Learn the surprising reason the Wives were sealed away in a Vault.
• Recount who Immortan Joe was prior to setting up his empire in the Wasteland and how he acquire both the Citadel and his godlike status.
• See how Nux became a War Boy.
• Behold the beginnings of the Blood Bag tradition.
• Read some of the rules for being a Wife of Immortan Joe.
• Watch the descent of Australian civilization.

After the jump, get a glimpse of life in the Wasteland. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – IMMORTAN JOE AND NUX #1 is on sale now. MAD MAX FURY: FURY ROAD – FURIOSA #1 goes on sale 6/17. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – MAD MAX #1 arrives 7/8 and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – MAD MAX #2 concludes the miniseries on 8/5.