Disney villains dub Scar the king of evil in ‘Counting Stars’ parody, ‘Counting Scars’

Just in time for Halloween, Disney”s official blog “Oh My Disney!” is back with a villainous musical number.

“Counting Scars” is a lament that no Disney villain will ever be as evil as Scar. Now, before we all sharpen our pitchforks and find our torches – because OBVIOUSLY that title belongs to Maleficent – we should let reality smack us in the face. Sure, Maleficent tried to murder an innocent because she didn”t get invited to a party. But for all her fabulous fashion and magical prowess, our fav is pretty inept.

Meanwhile, Scar straight up murdered his brother in cold blood, blamed his nephew for it, and then married his dead brother”s wife/wives and took over the kingdom. In less than a decade, Scar destroyed the landscape, and when confronted with the hero, had the gumption to try to murder him instead of monologue at him. He might have failed, but not for lack of trying.