‘Doctor Strange’ origin and concept art revealed

Marvel studios head Kevin Feige was in attendance at today”s D23 Expo where he revealed some details about both the upcoming “Doctor Strange” and “Captain America: Civil War”

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“Doctor Strange” has long-been a passion project of Feige”s, who tried to develop the film long-before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will now serve as the second entry in Marvel”s Phase 3.

“Doctor Strange” star Benedict Cumberbatch sent in a pre-recorded message to the fans, in which he promised that the film would have, “girls, cars, explosions, and astral projection…You know, the usual fare.”

A sizzle reel narrated by director Scott Derrickson revealed that they would indeed be sticking with the character”s comics origin story in which Stephen Strange – a brilliant, flawed, megalomaniac of a neurosurgeon – irrevocably damages his hands in a career-destroying car accident. In his search for a cure, he discovers a teacher of mystical arts in the Ancient One. 

The concept art in the reel was described as a “cosmic ‘Inception”” by Tiffany Smith, which frankly, sounds pretty incredible. There are portals, cars soaring through the air, and sorcery capable of bending the very confines of reality.

The film is in pre-production now and begins filming in November.

We”ll have that concept art right here on HitFix as soon as it”s released.