‘Doctor Strange’ poster captures the trippy essence of the comic book

Captain America: Civil War may have torn the fandom in uneven twain (all my social media friends appear to be #TeamCap), there is one corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that isn”t concerned with petty things like Sokovia Accords or superhero oversight. That corner deals in magic and demonic realms. That corner is where Doctor Strange lives.

At first glance, the poster for Doctor Strange doesn”t look like much. Just a sorcerer, standing in front of a window, asking the world to love his hand gestures and majestic cape. Yet for all the muted color palette and minimalistic design, there”s something very trippy about this scene. Must be the window.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

The original comics were very “Someone dropped ALL the acid then drew what the colors sang to them from the depths of the mothership.” Whether or not the MCU will draw on that remains to be seen, but this poster is a pretty good indicator we”re off the superhero map now.

Doctor Strange arrives in theaters November 4, 2016.