‘Doctor Who’ Offers World Cup Viewers A First Look At The Time-Traveling Hero’s New Companions

Midway through France’s defeat of Croatia at Sunday’s World Cup final in Russia, a brand new teaser for the acclaimed science fiction series Doctor Who officially introduced viewers to the time-traveling hero’s new trio of companions. Actors Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill had already been announced as incoming Doctor Jodie Whittaker‘s new accomplices for the upcoming 11th season of the long-running show’s rebooted iteration. With Sunday’s teaser, however, fans were presented with the characters in the flesh.

Seeing as how the 40-second clip is only a teaser, none of the footage therein will actually show up in Doctor Who‘s fall premiere. Even so, the brief exchanges between the Doctor and Ryan (Cole), Yasmin (Gill) and Graham (Walsh) should provide audiences with a pretty good indication as to what their relationships will entail. The fast-moving Gallifreyan steals a sausage from Ryan’s breakfast, replaces Yasmin’s missing pizza and swipes Graham’s newspaper for a children’s magazine. It then ends on a final look at Whittaker’s Doctor, offering the beginnings of a goofy grin that is sure to define her take on the character in the new season.

With many months to go before Doctor Who officially debuts the new gang on television, however, fans will have to subsist on the World Cup teaser and any other morsels that may pop up from its planned appearance at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)