Donna Dickens’ 16 best, most amazingly epic, squee-worthy moments of geekdom in 2014

Fandom: The community that forms around a piece of media, from tv to comic books to movies and more. Fandoms have OTPs (One True Pairings) and fanfiction and cosplay and making up Head Canons™ to explain backstories. All of this rollsto boil before spewing forth onto the Internet where you find like-minded friends and strangers who share your love of whatever it is you love.

It”s the best thing.

And 2014 for a great year for fangirls and fanboys and fan-nongenderbinary! Big screen and small, geek-oriented entertainment was everywhere. If your tastes ran more towards comic books, the Big Two kicked their plan of siphoning money from women and minorities by catering to them into high gear. We even got the first hoverboard prototype, ffs. ONWARD TO A SHADOWRUN FUTURE!