Don’t leave Britney Spears alone in your bedroom: ‘Perfume’ lyric video

Don”t leave Britney Spears alone in your bedroom. That”s the takeaway from the lyric video from her new ballad, “Perfume.”

The clip features time-lapse Los Angeles traffic footage (see, we do have a skyline!), as the words to the song pop up on screen. “I”ll never tell, tell on myself, but I hope she smells my perfume,” Spears sings as she (or at least her hands) trawl through her lover”s things. She leaves her lip print on a book of matches, goes through his drawers, leaves love notes where they can easily be found, and even spritzes a sheet of paper with her perfume and hides it in her bow-tie-wearing beau”s shirt jacket. To her credit, the cologne she sprays doesn”t even look like it”s one of her signature scents. It”s rare these days for an artist to bypass a product placement, but it looks like Spears did…

There”s a fine line between stalker and just looking out for what”s yours and Spears comes a little close to stalking here, given that her boyfriend is nowhere in sight, but we”ll wait to see how the full video unfurls to decide whether he needs to take out a restraining order.

“Perfume” is the second single from “Britney Jean,” Spears’ eighth studio album out Dec. 3. Another track, the William Orbit-produced  “Alien,” leaked yesterday. Like “Perfume,” it features Spears signing rather than her breathy talking vocals as as  on “Work Bitch.” She’s questioning life beyond earth in the new tune.  Hear “Alien” here.

In the meantime, MTV is offering you a chance to attend Spears’ new Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino as part of a new contest. Fans can enter between now and Dec. 1 at