Watch: Drake takes a tour of his hometown in ‘5 AM in Toronto’ video

04.02.13 6 years ago

Drake pays homage to his hometown with his new clip for “5AM in Toronto.”  As he tweeted this morning about the video:  “Doing it for the city this time around. Well, every time, but this time especially.”

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The simply-shot, low-key video primarily features Drake walking around, accompanied by some buddies, with a drink and blunt in hand. He ends up at a beach volleyball club, as one would at 5 AM, that, of course, features scantily-clad ladies. But by video”s end, he and his posse are on the move again.

The lyrics are the same old tired Drake message that we can all recite in our sleep now: he”s the best, no one else has his kind of success, his “Sinatra lifestyle.”  Don”t interrupt him, he”s on his way to the bank.

Drake ~ 5AM In Toronto from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

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