Dressing room montage throws shade on decades of superheroine costumes

There is a wide world of comic books out there beyond the looming shadow of DC and Marvel. It is easier than ever for indie publishers to find an audience or for writers and artists to cut the middle man out altogether. One such small print house is Black Mask Studios. Their motto is to support “and advocates for subversive artists” so it should come as no surprise they”d jump head first into taking decades of costuming options for superhero women to task.

WE CAN NEVER GO HOME by Matthew Rosenberg, Patrick Kindlon, and Josh Hood follows two American teens as they come to grips with their superpowers. After a deadly accident throws outcast Duncan and popular girl Madison together, they take a stolen convertible, a duffel bag of cash, and a fully loaded .45 and hit the road. But every hero needs a costume.

Unfortunately for Madison – and hilariously for the reader – ducking into a costume shop to find a new look is easier said than done. Especially if Madison wants to balance comfort with brand recognition.

This is the second round of tongue-in-cheek fun at the expense of iconic costumes by WE CAN NEVER GO HOME. The original printing took on the likes of Wonder Woman and the original Ms. Marvel. You can see those pages over at io9!