Ecto Cooler, the best flavor of Hi-C ever, is coming back for ‘Ghostbusters’

Here is some news about the Ghostbusters remake that even the haters should love: in honor of the movie's release, Hi-C will bring back its Ecto Cooler flavor.

Once a staple of school lunchboxes across the land, Ecto Cooler was introduced in 1987 but discontinued in 2001, for some reason. If you never had the chance to try it for yourself, it was green in color and tasted like … oranges, I guess? There were oranges on the label, so probably oranges. Some kind of citrus, anyway. And a lot of sugar. Anyway, it never should have been discontinued — even though, yeah, okay, by 2001 no child would realistically know who the cartoon character featured prominently on the label (Slimer!) was — and now that mistake has been rectified.

Coca-Cola, which owns Hi-C, announced today that it will bring Ecto Cooler back for a “curtain call” timed for the summer release of the remake. There's no word on how long Ecto will stay on the shelves, so 80s kids may want to start hoarding now. I do have one sad bit of news: it looks like Slimer isn't on the labels this time around.