Evander Holyfield is competing on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ handcuffed to another celeb

01.03.14 5 years ago

Evander Holyfield is competing on “Celebrity Big Brother,” handcuffed to another celeb

The former heavyweight champion — and “Dancing with the Stars” alum — is now living in a British reality TV house that includes the American actress accused of punching Lindsay Lohan.

The FCC has been hit with numerous complaints over “2 Broke Girls” and “Two and a Half Men”

From 2011 to 2013, the FCC received 91 complaints for “2 Broke Girls” and 98 complaints for “Two and a Half Men” between 2009 and 2013.

NYC crime dramas love reading the same newspaper: The New York Ledger
The Ledger has popped up on “CSI: New York,” “Law & Order: SVU” and, last night, on “Elementary.”

Farrah Abraham accused of faking a relationship to get on VH1’s “Couples Therapy”
Fellow “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans claims Abraham “staged it entirely once again.”

How “Community” pulled off that surprising cameo
Dan Harmon says he really, really wanted to make that cameo happen. PLUS: How Harmon writes comedy, last night’s return was a success and failure, and Harmon was sorely missed.

Fox confirms it’s promoting “The Mindy Project” on Tinder with a fake Mindy dating profile
Fox also confirms that there will be a Tinder-themed episode coming up.

Clay Aiken would have almost no chance if he runs for Congress
The North Carolina district Aiken is considering running is firmly Republican.

Derek Hough to release his 1st book in May

The “Dancing with the Stars” dancer has penned “Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion.”

“The Bachelor’s” Juan Pablo accused of being a deadbeat dad
The National Enquirer found that a judge ordered the new “Bachelor” to pay child support in 2011 for his daughter. PLUS: Watch the Juan Pablo supertease.

Watch a preview of MC Serch’s CBS daytime talk show
The former member of hip-hop group 3rd Bass “will feature real people and real issues” on his daytime talker.

“Party of Five” alum Lacey Chabert is a married woman

The 31-year-old Chabert got married over the holidays.

Sandra Oh guesting on an Amazon series

Check out the “Grey’s Anatomy” star on “Betas.”

Blackberry sues Ryan Seacrest
The “Idol” host’s smartphone keyboard venture has riled the makers of Blackberry.

Nigella Lawson’s legal woes don’t help “The Taste”
The ABC reality show was down 19% despite all the publicity the TV chef has been getting from her trial.

Judd Apatow may write another “Simpsons” episode — in 22 years

Apatow talks about his cameo and his script finally being made after two decades.

Watch the opening credits for Josh Holloway’s “Intelligence”
The former “Lost” star makes his TV return on Tuesday.

“SNL’s” Stefon, illustrated
Here’s an illustrated guide to New York’s hottest nightclubs.

“That ’70s Show’s” Lisa Robin Kelly OD’s on “multiple drugs”
The coroner has ruled her death as an accidental overdose.

Where does last night’s “Big Bang” surprise rank?
Was it better than “Friends”?

Dylan McDermott is “flattered” to be called the hottest living 52-year-old
The “Hostages” star was responding to this Buzzfeed article.

Fans are influencing “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”

The recent holiday specials of the two British series show the problems when show writers are influenced by viewers.

Camille Grammer has completed her chemotherapy and radiation treatments
The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star last year was diagnosed with early stage endometrial cancer.

Analyzing the “Veronica Mars” movie trailer
Is it newbie friendly?

Bill Nye to debate a creationist
The Science Guy will debate the founder of the Creation Museum at the museum’s Kentucky location on Feb. 4.

Carson Daly’s “New Year’s Eve” comedian says “I’m not sorry” over Pearl Harbor joke
Natasha Leggero explained in an open letter: “I wish I could apologize, but do you really want another insincere apology that you know is just an attempt at damage control and not a real admission of guilt? Let me just try instead to be honest. I”m not sorry.”

Watch the first 15 minutes of Ron Moore’s “Helix”

The “Battlestar Galactica” honcho is back with a new Syfy series, starring Billy Campbell.

Ray Romano is delivering an Emmy-worthy performance on “Parenthood”

His character’s “slightly obsessive soul-searching” helped to anchor last night’s episode.

Adult Swim presents a new anime show, “Space Dandy”
From the creator of “Cowboy Bebop” comes an animated series about an alien hunter.

“Orange is the New Black’s” Pablo Schreiber’s marriage is ending
The wife of the former “Wire” star has filed for legal separation.

“Downton Abbey” returns — it’s the quintessential American TV show!
The drama that returns to PBS on Sunday for Season 4 holds a mirror to America, says Alessandra Stanley. “Beneath all the seigneurial duty and damask, this British series about aristocrats and their servants is at heart as American as Apple computers or the Magic Kingdom,” she explains. “‘Downton Abbey’ begins a fourth season on PBS on Sunday, and it still draws huge audiences in the United States, possibly because it cleverly filters British social history through the biases and preoccupations of American pop culture.” PLUS: Season 4 is back to being good again, “Downton” has become too cliched, it’s a bit of a downer, play a “Downton” version of the game “Clue,” and Julian Fellowes on the “Downton” backlash.

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