Exclusive: Alfie, Queen of Dragons in ‘Dom Hemingway’ photos

Dom Hemingway just got out of jail. Dom wants what he's owed. That may turn out to be a tall order.

Featuring a balls-to-the-wall performance by Jude Law, “Dom Hemingway” is the relatively new dramatic thriller from writer/director Richard Shepard. Best known for “The Matador” and “The Hunting Party,” Shepard has spent a good amount of time in television recently, directing six episodes of “Girls” and the new WGN series “Salem.” He is a man of many talents, but when he is writing his own work on the big screen, it usually includes a significant amount of dark comedy. And when we say dark, we mean almost crossing the line dark (in the best way possible).

After debuting at the Toronto Film Festival last September and earning a release in the UK in November, “Dom Hemingway's” self-destructive antics are heading to U.S. theaters next month. Fox Searchlght has provided HitFix with eight exclusive photos from “Dom” including Richard E. Grant as Dom's longtime buddy Dickie, Demian Bichir as Dom's payout and Emilia Clarke (aka The Queen of Dragons from “Game of Thrones”) as Dom's grown-up daughter (please, let's not dwell on the fact Jude Law is now old enough to play a man with a daughter with her own child).

You can check out the slick pics in the gallery embedded in this post.

“Dom Hemingway” opens in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 2.