Exclusive: Alison Brie Sings A Love Song To Shoes And Avoids Mad Men Spoilers

Alison Brie stopped by the podcast turned television show 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' to talk about Mad Men and her love of shoes…even when that treacherous footwear turns out to be the wrong type of heel for the occasion. Oh sure, the stilettos call out from the closet, “Hey baby, we're sorry. We'll never make the balls of your feet feel like they're being eaten by fire ants again. You should totally wear us to that fashionable event where you'll be standing for multiple hours. It'll be fun!” But they're lying.

Of course, Alison is too sweet to focus on that aspect of our relationship with shoes, focusing instead on the honeymoon period with this amazing improv ballad. Reggie Watts backs her with vocals and keyboard. 



Still a better love story than 'Twilight.'

Host Scott Aukerman also tried to wheedle some plot details the final half of the final season of 'Mad Men' out of Alison. But not only was he shut down, he was shocked to discover she calls spoilers…spoilees?



Alison Brie's episode of 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' airs Thursday, July 3 at 10:30pm ET/PT on IFC.